How to choose a name for the child?

Choosing a name is an important topic that all parents redo long before the birth of a child. A name can be inspired by an entry from an old calendar or name dictionary. Sometimes we succumb to the prevailing «fashion» or simply pressure from the family. You and your partner must follow a few simple rules so that your child’s name is a good start to their life. In order to correctly choose a name for a child, you need to know its meaning. To do this, use the name interpretation service:

You are wondering what name to choose for the child. The main thing is that you make a decision on this issue, not succumbing to the pressure of others, friends and family. In a few years, the name of the child will be of great importance for his well-being and psychological comfort — do not choose names under the influence of emotions or a passing fashion.

1.When choosing a name for a child, do not follow foreign languages.

Children’s names from a foreign language do not often correspond to surnames, especially taken from fashion films or TV shows. Such ideas really rarely work, usually the effect is bizarre and even funny. In addition, years later it will be easy to find out by that name the age of the person wearing it — or maybe he will not want this, especially when he is a woman. The fashion effect was such that many women with this name changed them as soon as they became adults.

2. Match the first name with the last name.

This, contrary to appearance, is not so simple. It is also important its appropriate length, sound and rhythm in which it will be pronounced, including the name. No better, for example, is a comparison in which the name is very long, four-syllable, and the surname is short. But it is also not good when the name and surname are very long — this can bring their owner also practical problems when, for example, there is not enough space in forms or documents.

3. Beware of the method.

Even when the name is very beautiful, but insanely popular — think carefully before calling the child so. Alexandra and Julia are beautiful names, but they have been broadcast so often for several years that it’s almost impossible to find a class or group in kindergarten today without Olya or Yulka. will be one of several girls in the class with that name?

4. Select a name that can be reduced

It seems to be not necessary, but it really makes life easier. When a child is still small, it’s difficult to contact him gently, in a diminutive form, and with some names, even very cute, it is difficult. Best of all, when a name has several forms — then you can always choose the right one by age or taste.

5. Do not succumb to family pressure.

This is your child, as well as your husband or partner. And it is you who must choose his name, the one you like, and not relatives, grandmother, etc. Yes, you can listen to their suggestions — ideally, the whole family will like your chosen name — both for you and the older generation, but it is you who must make the final decision. If, for example, the mother-in-law pronounces a name that you do not like, but you want to please her and succumb to persuasion, you will certainly regret it in the future. So absolutely do not do this!

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